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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Philippine handicrafts

Welcome to one of my favorite mall shops: Kultura (culture). It sells nothing but Philippine handicrafts, from hardwood furniture to home accessories, formal clothes to beachwear, jewelry to toys. Narra, bamboo, rattan, pearls, shells, coconut, piña and batik are just some of the wonderful materials that the products are made of. In this one store, you can get items crafted from all over the Philippines.

Kutura store

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hand Made handicrafts

A statue is a sculpture portraying a specific entity, generally a person, incident, occasion, animal or object. The primary concern of a metal statue is depictive and representational. Statues are generally built to venerate any historical event. Adding serenity to beauty, wholesale statues are perfect collectible items to decorate your home or workplace to bring life into your environment. Wholesale religious statues can add elegance on to your home décor. On the other hand wholesale Buddha statues can add sophistication to your office décor and also serves as lucky charms. Statues are available in a variety of metals and can be the reproductions of anything from classical Greek statues like the Venus de Milo to mythical garden gargoyle statues. Wholesale statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been a central theme of Hindu Art since the 9th century and the beginning of the Chola Empire. The wholesale brass statues of Hindu gods are seen not as being an icon to worship but as the actual Hindu gods present within the metal statues. Bringing home wholesale religious statues symbolically means inviting a living Hindu God into your home and into your life. Buddha statues serve as lucky charms in your lives. Proportion and balance are very much needed to carve a statue out of any metal because any wrong proportion would not help in bringing out the delicate beauty of the religious statues. Thus not only the creator’s imaginative power but also the concentration while pouring of the liquid metal into the mould is vital for carving a piece of delicate beauty.

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