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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food Bowls

I was an odd kid , whilst other children screwed up their noses at vegetable i piled more brussel sprouts onto my plate .
My love of produce does not stop at the eating - i love the look of fruits and vegetables which i will often use instead of flower arrangements in my home but these beautiful parchment bowls are really something else.The pictured delicate bowls are created from slices of fruits and veggies , Designer Margaret Dorfman presses the materials until they are dehydrated, then handicrafts the one-of-a-kind bowl from overlapping strips of parchment.Currently out of stock from uncommon goods but i had to post them because they are so beautiful items to make ur home beauiy.

How To make Beautiyfull Drawing Room To Using Handicrafts items

Handicraft is the term given to an artifact made by using conventional methods and tools. It is characterized by minimum or no use of machines. Early civilizations witnessed the making of handicrafts for various purposes. A particular section of the people began making handicrafts for royalty or the influential people of the period, for trade and commerce and for the general public. Indus Valley Civilization in India observed the mass production of pottery and beads for the purposes mentioned above. The invention of the metallurgical techniques led to a great development in the production of metal handicrafts. Copper was the first metal to be discovered and numerous artifacts were made in copper and bronze. Similarly gold and silver and finally iron proved to be decisive in the metallurgical advancements.Handicrafts could be made in several other mediums too. Stone crafts, glass crafts, wood crafts, paper crafts, and textiles are just a few examples.
There are innumerable handicrafts that are made by mixing more than one medium too. In the beginning, handicrafts were made for the utility purposes. But once the utility purpose was successfully served, the handicrafts were made for decorative purposes. Several handicrafts now decorate the favorite places of the people like homes, offices, gardens, halls and others.Textile and jewelry are the crafts that are an integral part of the lives of everyone. These crafts are now in highly advanced age and their trade is over multi-billion dollars.
Handicrafts are nowadays an important commodity for trade and commerce. The trade volume is consistently growing. In a country, like India, where there is a big portion of population involved in making handicrafts, this factor will bring a good change. Countries like Thailand, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are powerhouses of handicrafts.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

So lilly

treebigI live in dresses . I'm of the opinion there is no other garment that can beat a dress for comfort and style . It kind of annoys me that in this country many see them as only suitable for formal attire , when they are really wardrobe perfection !But , I am seeing is a whole new lot of dress converts as late . Designers are using dresses more and more in their collections and in a true sign of a fashion shift , nearly every women's store has at least 5 dress styles now – we have come a long way baby . I thank the rise of well cut garments paired with * wince * celeb fashion for the beginning of a sea change . After all how many girls did you see in chucks and a line sun dresses before Lilly Allen hit the charts ? In fact her name popped to mind when viewing the summer offerings from kiwi label Ooby Ryn , pictured is one of their new seasons dress styles with its great print , classic lines and worn with a fantastic Ooby Ryn belt .

Mellow Yellow

w4Every season there is “A” colour . You can tell what it is because everyone uses it in there collections and suddenly out of no where it starts arriving in chain stores in huge numbers .
This season its yellow , yellow in every shade , texture and accent under the sun . And frankly as taken aback as i was when i heard yellow would be the colour du jour last year .... now that its arrived I'm really impressed by what's around .

The best locally comes from Zambesi , their summer collection makes a great colour follow up to the Zambesi winter offerings . The yellow that is peppered throughout their designs is paired with shimmering blues and crisp creams and whites which are melded in a signature leaf print . The pictured corsca dress is my favourite , but check out their site for great yellow swimwear and accent pieces .

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The Indian Arts and Crafts Board offers each Indian enterprise the privilege of attaching to its trademark a certificate declaring that it is recognized by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board as an Indian enterprise dealing in genuine Indian-made handicraft products, and that its trade-mark has the approval of the Board. The certificate shall consist of a border around the trade-mark bearing the words ``Certified Indian Enterprise Genuine Handicrafts, U.S. Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior,'' and these words may be used wherever the trade-mark appears. Application for the certificates are made to the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior. Conditions of eligibility to attach certificates.

It must offer for sale only Indian-made genuine handicraft products, i.e., objects produced by Indian craftsmen with the help of only such devices as allow the manual skill of the maker to condition the shape and design of each individual product.

It must be entirely Indian owned and organized either by individual Indians or by groups of Indians.

It must agree to apply certificates of genuineness only to such products as meet the standards of quality prescribed by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board at the time of the application of the enterprise for the privilege of attaching the certificate.

It must agree to obtain the approval of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board as to the manner of production of the certificates.

Penalties for misuse of trade-marks

The use of Government trade-marks in an unauthorized manner, or the colorable imitation of such marks, is subject to the criminal penalties.

Any person who shall counterfeit or colorably imitate any Government trade-mark used or devised by the Board shall, or any person who shall knowingly make any false statement for the purpose of obtaining the use of any such Government trade-mark, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be enjoined from further carrying on the act or acts complained of and shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $2,000, or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both such fine and imprisonment.

Revocation of privilege of attaching certificates

If an enterprise, after securing the privilege of attaching the certificates, should fail to meet the above-named conditions, the Board reserves the right to revoke the privilege.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Janice Gray, the mother of my old friend Dona, recently passed away. She was as glorious a human being and as full of life and love and laughter as anyone I have ever met. I could write pages and pages about her and that still wouldn't do her justice. More importantly nothing I could say could ever properly explain how it felt to be loved by her. When Janice loved you- man, you knew it. I knew it. Even though I won't see her incredibly blue, beautiful, smiling eyes again or watch her throw back her head with a hearty laugh or almost believe her amazingly serious, deadpan face when she was delivering an incredibly witty zinger, I know she lives on. She's in the hearts of all those who were lucky enough to know her.
She and Dona were extremely close. When thinking of an image that would mirror thier relationship this is the one I came up with. It's called "One Heart" and seems appropriate for a Valentine's Day post.
There has been a tribute page set up in Janice's honor. I hope the family posts on the website the picture that was on the flyer at her memorial. There she was, dipping her bare feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. She had her jeans rolled up, head back, arms triumphantly extended and a huge smile on her face. She had written in the sand "I WAS HERE!"
Oh yes, Janice, you most certainly were.

In Pursuit of Arts & Crafts

Yesterday, in speaking to the concierge at my hotel, the Righa Royal (pronounced--of course--Liga Loyal), she was kind enough to show me two pages in a visitor guide that had information about hands-on handicrafts in Kyoto.
I poured over that document like I would find enlightenment within. Hemming and hawing over WHAT activities I wanted to do most. In the end, she picked the activities for me, based upon geography, but oh gosh how can you not love a city that is such an active promoter of arts & crafts.
My first stop was a fabric dyeing course. This is sort of the Japanese version of COLOR ME MINE. Pick the item you want to color, pick the pattern, and off you go. I dyed a purse, painting some fish on one side, and a crab on the other. (Then I made my mom a birthday present, a table runner with a bird on a bamboo.)
My next stop was on to a papermaking course. I entered the store and immediately felt like I'd come HOME. Home-made paper everywhere. (You should see the stuff I bought here, sigh, I've blown my food budget for three months, but it was totally worth it.) The class here only cost $4, which is a tremendous bargain. It was a little simplistic, and at first I was a little disappointed, but later I figured out the guys were nervous about their English. Once I started bugging them with every kind of question, "how do you do this technique," "how do you get this color" I started making some cooler pieces of paper


We are production and export of Table Lamps, Wooden Photo Frames, Wooden Mirror Frames,Natural Stone, Candle Holder and decorative Bowls and modern-living pine wood furniture

Back to Reality

Mandvi, Gujrat:-I have my family to thank for a lot of things, but on top of the list is teaching me to speak in my mother tongue. Being able to speak Gujrati has made such a remarkable difference in my ability to develop a relationship and solicit responses from the artisans and producers I’m working with here in Gujarat (in comparison to Mumbai). We all know I have a corky sense of humor, but believe it or not, my humor actually translates across cultures and it is such a relief that in addition to enjoying a cup of masala chai, I am also able to joke around and make people laugh. Having spent a day and a half with VGS, I made my mama proud – I was asked how I spoke such beautiful gujrati.

When I visited a fashion scarves producer in Mumbai, I was a little jolted to find out that the firm doesn’t make a single product. They are simply a wholesale distributor/exporter – I’m not even sure all of their products are handmade. Any stitching work, embroidery work, etc. is outsourced. So I am a bit confused why a Fair Trade organization would work with a firm that has no direct impact on the actual scarf weavers. I hope to clarify this with Asha during my exit presentation. I’m sure there is more to the story than I am aware of.

Nirona, Kutch Gujrat

This is the story of Khet Singh (pictured). He is the youngest of four brothers and has studied through the 10th grade (completed high school). He and his family own farm land outside of Nirona, a larger village (population ~15,000) north of Bhuj, which provides for their livelihood. Currently there are 26 family members living in their house and the best I could break it down is as such:

1 - Khet Singh, his wife and 2 sons
2 - Devjibhai (older brother), his wife and children (6 girls)
3 - Khet Singh's Parents

4- son of Khet Singh's brother's wife
5 - Khet Singh's eldest brother's children
6 - Goats
7 - Calf

8- Other kids

Homeware Crafts

A Various methods to achieve this target was carried out through the Pengembangan Program of the Pariwisata Product and the Pemasaran Program of Tourism.The development program of the tourism product in part in the form of the activity: the physical development of the tourist attraction, the increase in the attraction of the tour, the RDTOW compilation the south coastal region, the formation of the tour village and diligence, pushed the private sector in the tourism field et cetera.
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