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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mexico Handicrats Trade Fair

As Indian business honchos looked at trade opportunities in South America during President Pratibha Patil's recent visit there, the women's self-help phenomenon Self Employed Women's Association also rubbed shoulders with the power elite there.
In Sao Paulo and Mexico City, about 30 local social entrepreneurs and business members came to meet the representatives of SEWA in order to discuss how they could work together in the field of women's empowerment.
While in Mexico, SEWA tied up with its CII partners, the Indian-Mexico Business Chambers, to start the Mexican chapter of the self-help organisation.
An MoU is all set to be signed between the Governments of Mexico and India for developing a market for Indian handicrafts in Mexico and vice versa. Several opportunities have emerged for SEWA to be in the mainstream market," said SEWA Director Reema Nanawaty, who also represented the organisation on the South American trip.

SEWA was representing grassroots industries. This has given a major recognition to SEWA in the mainstream of business and industries," Nanawaty said.

SEWA had meetings with the First Lady of Mexico Margarita Zavala de Calderon and Rafaela Luft, Director of FONART, the Indian self-help group's Mexican counterpart. The Government of Mexico has shown active interest in a bilateral agreement with India for a partnership between FONART and SEWA to start marketing of handicrafts between the two countries.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tonight I listed the first of my sun catchers on Etsy. I hope it's the beginning of something wonderful!
As usual I'm dipping into multiple projects while I wait for this cold weather to pass. I can't wait for spring in order to run outside and enjoy the longer daylight hours and capture beautiful photos.
In the meantime, I'm still chugging along on my crochet project. I didn't get to work on it too much this week, but I added two rows today.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

art and craft information

Art and Craft convey the inner feeling of not only the artist but also the society as a whole. Art pieces are the testimony of the changing time, ideas, thoughts, science, technology and overall culture of the land concern. Painting, jewelry, stone carving, temple making, idol making, wood sculpture crafts, metal statue making, textile craft making and many more forms of art and craft have found their origin in India since genesis of Indus Valley civilization. It's a cultural heritage expanded to ages. In this modern age Skillful artists are diligently crafting numerous pieces of art enabling all of us to possess the impeccably done craftwork. These days art is reflected in innumerable accessories expanding from handbags, wall hangings, other home d├ęcor accessories, woodcraft, paintings, bed spread and other textile related crafts, jewelry, picture frames, statues, toys and dolls, gemstone work to many more other fields. These laboriously made specimens can be utilized for many purposes like for gifting, decorating, exhibitions and several other ones. This section helps you to develop an insight of art and craft containing minute details.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hand Made Handicrafts

JK Fagtongpun, a wonderful designer from Bristol, England has graciously sent our boutique the most colorful and spring-perfect cuffs, chokers, and belts that will surely complement any outfit. From gingham to floral, these pieces are definite must-haves.
Design by: Prakash