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Monday, March 31, 2008

AHI Felt Hand Made

As I sat down to write this post I recognize that I am a "tad bit" biased considering I sell TABI Hats creations there. Nevertheless, one of my new favorite sites...Etsy allows fellow members to create lists of 12 of their favorite finds created by fellow Etsians. This list is called a "treasury". While browsing the treasuries this morning, I came across "AHA I Felt". A treasury chock full of absolutely amazing handmade felted products.

My favorite is pictured above.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wooden Atlantis Antique

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

About Unicorn

I love my unicorn so much! I watched the movie called The Last Unicorn, and I wanted my own white unicorn. And I had a white horse, so I decided to make that to a white unicorn. And I like my white unicorn so much that I can't believe it's magical in the world of white trees and white flowers. [Marian liked this picture with the flash because it is glowing "magical".]
I wanted curly hair so I used some silk, real silk that's so soft. I got it from Sara and Jeff when we were visiting them [at a great Asheville craft supply] and it's the magical unicorn.

Monday, March 24, 2008

woodne craft

My students thought the outside toilet was a great idea for men so we had to make some more boxes and this time we made it to our design. With the other box when you picked it up the tissue box fell out so Bob made a different style. This one has a bottom in it and the front of the box is hinged so that you can open the Toilet Door to put new tissues in. There is a clasp on the side to hold the door shut. You cant see it in the picture but I have two spiders, a butterfly and a green looper caterpillar (above the toilet door for the caterpillar) painted on the box. I also painted a tap and a house (when we moved into our house in Blacktown 46 years ago we didnt have the sewer on and we had one of these outhouses and ours had the tap and the hose on the side and we had a garbage bin around the back so I have also painted the garbage bin. We didnt have a rose but we did have a passionfruit vine growing on the outside. Oh also we had a mouse that used to come in so I have painted a little hole at the back and there is a mouse sticking his head out of the holle.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hand Made Cap

After making the birdhouse out of salvaged cuckoo clocks, I felt like a chameleon crafter when making this ribbon ruffled lampshade.
The owner of Ozarks Americana ordered ruffles on lampshades. She requested that I don't hold back on the decorative and frou-frou element. So here is the first one using French wired ribbons and pearls. Think I succeeded?
Do I like making all styles of home decor pieces from Victorian, primitive, arts & crafts, art nouveau, contemporary, Paris apartment, retro or "shabby chic"? You bet! I love it. Never get bored and I get to use all of the supplies that I have collected. On to the next one.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

featuring wood inlaid with silver

On May 16, I wrote about Justin Duances wooden jewellery. I sang the praises of his stylish creations featuring wood inlaid with silver and vice versa. Well, I was so impressed with the images on his website, I decided to put my money where my reviewer's mouth is and buy a piece!

As fortune would have it, it was my wife's birthday yesterday. Usually, I hit the High Street jewellers and buy something exorbitantly expensive with diamonds. Like most blokes I guess I assume that spending loads is best. My logic being that, even if she doesn't like it, at least she can swoon over the swanky price tag. Not that I would ever tell her what it cost. Which, in turn, means you have to buy something that looks every bit as expensive as it is, with only a sideways nod to good taste! Small oak pebble pendantSo this year I thought better. I suspected I was getting a little predictable. And, anyway, she might actually have better things to do with that sort of money. So I decided to stick my neck out and buy something I really liked, regardless of the less impressive price tag. I plumped for the 'Small oak pebble pendant inlaid with two lines of silver on a silver snake chain' - see picture. And, have to say was in no way disappointed. This pendant looks even better in the flesh and it arrived very promptly too. My admiration for Justin's work has only increased!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hand Mad Print

Spring is almost here! Flowers are starting to bloom and birds are starting to sing. This gocco print was a spontaneous print inspired by a sticky note doodle I sketched a few weeks ago.

Beaded Items

Make the First Turn in the Netting
Now add another three matte copper size 11/0 seed beads, a 5mm square bead and then three more size 11/0 matte copper seed beads. Next, pass your needle through the second size 5mm square bead on the previous row. This will create the first join in your netting. Your row will have two of the 5mm square beads sitting side by side. Continue netting by passing the needle through every other 5mm square bead until you reach the end of the row.
Begin the Third Row of Beaded Netting

Now you will be making the turn for the third row of beaded netting. After your needle exits the final 5mm cube bead for Row Two, add 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads, a size 9 matte gold seed bead and another 3 size 11/0 matte copper seed beads. Pass the needle back through the last 5mm cube bead you added. This will create a small loop of beads above the cube bead.

Beaded Bracelet in netting

Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet

What You'll Need to Make Your Own Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet
Cool Cubes Flat Netting Beaded Bracelet
Cool Cubes Beaded Bracelet
Paula S. Morgan

Here's what you'll need to make your own Cool Cubes Beaded Bracelet:
* Approximately 60 5mm X 5mm Cube Beads.
* Approximately 350 Matte Dark Copper round seed beads [/link]
* 10 Size 8/0 Matte Gold seed beads
* Two 10 mm pieces of French Wire
* One 10 mm Toggle Clasp
* Size 12 Beading Needle
* Nymo "D" or other beading thread
* Beeswax or Thread Conditioner (optional)
Make your Base Row of Flat Netting

Monday, March 17, 2008

60th Anniversary 50 years of Sri Lanka-China(Lankan and Chinese models)

Products: A selected number of local products were showcased during the event organised by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing to celebrate the of 60th Anniversary Independence and 50 years of Sri Lanka-China diplomatic relations at the Grand Foyer in China World Hotel recently. Lankan and Chinese models at the event wearing Lankan costumes.

A selected number of products such as different varieties of tea, Sri Lankan beverages, spices, handicrafts, spa and cosmetic products as well as a range of jewellery made out of gems, coloured stones of Sri Lanka and diamonds, were showcased during the event organised by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Independence and 50 years of Sri Lanka-China Diplomatic Relations at the Grand Foyer of China World Hotel on March 3.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board, along with different tea brands available in the Chinese market and gifts tea attracted many visitors to taste “Pure Ceylon Tea” as well as different flavoured tea with Sri Lankan sweetmeats distributed at the The Kade.

The Chinese invitees were given an opportunity to taste Sri Lankan natural food products showcased by some of the leading Sri Lankan exporters.

Natural fruit products such as woodapple, pineapple which are not available in the Chinese Market attracted many visitors. Nature’s Secrets and Siddhalepa represented a variety of herbal and spa products as well as cosmetics. Laksala provided a range of colourful local handicrafts and Mars represented Sri Lankan spices.

The array of gems and jewellery displayed by the Blue Diamond Co Ltd and Stone & Strings along with Lordspeck International, a Chinese jewellery company specialized in Sri Lankan jewellery, most attracted the crowds.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bamboo handicrafts

Researchers from the Mariano Marcos State University in Ilocos Norte developed a simple process that converts the bamboo pole into materials that can be readily used for furniture and handicrafts. Engineered Kawayan, or E-kawayan, is an advanced form of bamboo products put together to form a whole new different product—Kawayan tiles.

The bamboo, known locally as kawayan, grows just about anywhere across the country. Its use can range from making houses, fences, bridges, walking sticks, furniture, chopsticks, food steamers, toys, construction scaffolding, hats, abaci and various musical instruments. Flooring made of bamboo has become popular throughout the years. Its culms may also be cut and made into vases or tubes, or pipes to transport water or as containers.

Culms, also called the stems, can range in height from a few cm to 40 m, with stem diameters ranging from 1 mm to 30 cm. The stems are joined together by a node. Each node bears one leaf, and may also have one to several side branches.

Dr. Stanley C. Malab and Jose A. Zafaralla of MMSU developed both the process and the machineries for the development of kawayan tiles – the basic material for manufacturing engineered kawayan products.

Tiles production starts with choosing the finest bamboo trees. The culms are harvested and cut to lengths maximizing the straight portions. The researchers noted that irregularly shaped parts of the pole are cut into not less than 18 inches.

The poles are then split manually with an approximate width of 33mm. The split parts are treated with wood preservatives, boiled, and dried in a bamboo dryer – also developed in MMSU – and are left to dry for 4 days. This process improves the slats’ resistance to borer.

MMSU also developed the Kawayan Tile Machine, for the shaping of slats into desired width and thickness. Flooring made of bamboo pieces are steamed, flattened, glued together, finished, and cut. The bamboo slats, after they are treated and dried, are jointed together in the machine to minimize gaps after gluing them together.

The laminated slats are sorted to minimize apparent color differences. The laminates are cold-pressed at 150 kg/m2 vertical and 5 kg/m2 side pressures. This is done for three hours. For making planks, the slats are applied with white glue commonly found in local hardwares. The semi-finished products are smoothened through a sanding machine.

The researchers noted that the process and machines they developed were able to maximize the utilization of bamboo even its most unwanted part.










Saturday, March 15, 2008

csino magic plain

Bumpkin reports a the upcoming BIA meeeting and the consistent pro-casino strategy of giving people little time to review large complex documents before the rare and minimal chances to give public comment.

Casino plan draws interest from mogul
The Globe that reports that Steve Wynn has joined the feeding frenzy of Massachusetts casinos: Casino plan draws interest from mogul Las Vegas casino executive Steve Wynn has expressed interest for the first time in a possible casino deal in response to Governor Deval Patrick's proposal to legalize gambling in Massachusetts, joining a list of other suitors talking to the owners of Wonderland Park in Revere.

At this point this is looking less and less like informed debate, and more an more like a pack of hyenas ripping apart a baby gazelle.

Read more a Bellicose Bumpkin blog

Friday, March 14, 2008

Matel Craft

I just found "Lockwasher" on Flickr who does a great job of building real characters out of discarded or found objects. There are plenty more noteworthy images in his photo stream and he also has a web site too.

I don't know if it's a hobby thing or if he does it for a living, I'd like to think the latter.

Cotton Toy Hand made Craft

So I was recently informed that comments weren't able to be made on this little Cotton Monster News blog for some time...appologies if you were attempting to comment on things. But now comments seem to be A-o-kay. So...comment away.
I've been working my little fingers to the bone trying to keep the Cotton Monster stock growing since January's five minute sell out...and to prove it, here is a picture of monsters in progress in my studio! February seems to be almost over, even though it just started. Again, I'll be doing my darndest to update before the end of the month. Check back here for more info to come...

Art Craft

As of right now, monstering is not my full time job...So what, you may ask, do I do when I am not chained to my sewing machine or laying in bed stuffing eyeballs? I work at Black Cherry Puppet Theater here in Baltimore,teaching residencies in schools and in after-school programs, assisting kids in building thier own puppet shows. Here's a picture of the set I just put together this afternoon.

My friend and I cut out all the cardboard pieces, and over two class sessions the third-graders painted them, and then we glued/screwed them all together to make this massive puppet stage. Next to fabric, cardboard is my second favorite material to work with! You can make anything with it!

And now I'm back home tonight, working on this machine and feverishly taking photos to update the online shop (I'll let you know when..)

Chinese Kite

Sports: Chinese box kite Chinese Kite Plan : Online guide to fly a kite, stunt kite tricks, sport kite tips and advanced stunt kite flying ... INVENTED IT? WHEN? CHINESE INVENTIONS An Introductory Activity ... is that the Chinese traditionally lack scientific and ... a special kite) were famous in Chinese traditional stories ... Thus, if you or anyone you know is a kite enthusiast, it can be eas

Delta Kite

About spins and other more advanced tricks: When doing a spin, pull one control line or the other (depending on whether you want the kite to turn left or right) and keep pulling until the kite has completed the spin. Delta Kite - search results ... Delta Kite. Aliens X Delta Kite. The Aliens X_ Delta Kite is an original easy-to-fly keel guided kite with a bold colorful design ... The Premier Kite

Thursday, March 13, 2008

jute bags

Jute Bags @ handiarts
We delight in making a wide range of bags from jute. See our range of jute shopping bags, jute promotional bags, jute wine bags and jute portfolios. If you are looking to make strongly individualistic statement you may wish to discuss the special fabrics we have developed for our value added customers.These are used for shopping and domestic use and are available in different colours and shapes

jute Handicrafts

jute Fashion Accessories from India available at handiartsJute Fashion Accessories @handiarts
We manufacture vast range of products including traditional jewellery, shoes and clothing etc. These products are specially crafted using superior quality materials and provided a fine finish by skilled craftsmen.

Grand Turkey

Well, we finally selected the tour company for our visit to Turkey in May of 2008. Pacha Tours Grand Turkey Tour, and a separate 4-day sailing adventure on the Mediterranean coast, is the itinerary we chose. We expect to be gone from May 2nd to June 2nd. We won't be going to the Paris Open Tennis Tournament (maybe next year, when we visit France for a month). We'll probably also be letting those on Seniors Home exchange know that the house will be available for exchange arrangements.We're also becoming serious about purchasing a Chalet recreational vehicle (pop-up sides and top, check it out at Chalet 1930, and a hybrid crossover-type car with the capacity to tow it. Toyota, Honda, Saturn, and Volvo all have them. We'd like to take some more 3-15 day trips around the western U.S. and Mexico, and we've passed through the time when our Volkswagon Vanagon was comfortable for us. An indoor toilet and shower has become something we'd like to have on the road. Kayaks, Bikes, surfboard, and golf clubs will be included.

Marble much more

Last evening, I was browsing through Lokhandwala market with a friend. I was in the mood to eat something -and frankly, when am I not? At one place, a small eatery near a Natural ice-cream outlet seemed to be a magnet for a hungry crowd. All of them were adult shoppers. It was a dabheli store, and the cook was a magician with a knife and a spoon. He was slicing up paavs and smearing spoons of mashed masala and toasting them in butter with such seamless precision and speed that his hands were a blur. If you watched them in action long enough, you’d just keep gazing in some sort of stupor.Meanwhile a lady with a little girl happened to approach us from a distance. The lady stopped in front of the stall and looked longingly at the zsizzling on the tava. Her daughter, meanwhile, had rushed inside the Naturals ice cream parlour.

My friend remarked how street food, like dabhelis or vada pavs, was now in the province of the older generation. Kids don’t take this stuff at all. She mentioned that it’s a matter of time before something like this becomes extinct. After all, nowadays, if something doesn’t cater to the young, it may as well be gone.I had never thought of street food from a demographic angle, but it’s definitely something to think about.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Balck Gold Fastival

The Black Gold Festival kicks off in Hazard, KY today. It’s Kentucky’s second largest festival (the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/miniMarathon is the largest). Festival goers can see the Black Gold Bike Show, the Road Hazards Extreme Team Stunt Show, the Black Diamond Street Rod Show, Antique Appraisals, the Ugliest Lamp Contest, a parade, and an assortment of food vendors and arts & crafts.This festival traces its roots to the Hazard Coal Carnival, which began in 1937. The Perry County beauties pictured here competed in the Miss Coal Carnival pageant, one of the highlights of that first carnival.

(Left to right) Miss Chavies - Rita Duff; Miss Blue Diamond - Lorene Yother; Miss Harveyton - Pauline Begley; & Miss Busy; Rebecca Morgan. Rita Duff won the title of Miss Hazard Coal Carnival – 1937. The photo was taken by Frances Calitri Easterling at Sandy Beach, on the North Fork of the Kentucky River near Viper, Kentucky.Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys played a free concert at the 1962 Coal Carnival, on the courthouse steps.

Pieles de Alpaca, Juguetería en general en Piel de Alpaca, Chompas

ROMANI HANDICRAFTS les ofrece los más finos artículos de la Artesanía Peruana, elaborados por los mejores artesanos de nuestro país. Aqui encontrara diferentes productos como: Pieles de Alpaca, Juguetería en general en Piel de Alpaca, Chompas, Ponchos, Polos, Chalinas, Chullos, etc., para Damas, Caballeros y Niños; además de Cerámica Decorativa utilitaria para Regalos.
Venga, visítenos y llévese una parte del Perú a su hogar.
Galeria "Plaza del Folklore" Av. La Marina 774Tda. 19 Pueblo Libre
Tel: 9869-1285
ROMANI HANDICRAFTS offer you the finest Peruvian handicrafts made by the most famous and recognized artisans of our country. Here your are going to find different products like: alpaca rugs, amaizing toys made with the baby alpaca skin, sweaters, ponchos, scarfs, chullos, etc. for women, men and kids also you can get some useful ceramic for presents or just for decorated your home.
Come, visit us and take a part of Peru to your home.

Form Handicrafts Make Beautyfull Your Home

Handicraft is the term given to an artifact made by using conventional methods and tools. It is characterized by minimum or no use of machines. Early civilizations witnessed the making of handicrafts for various purposes. A particular section of the people began making handicrafts for royalty or the influential people of the period, for trade and commerce and for the general public. Indus Valley Civilization in India observed the mass production of pottery and beads for the purposes mentioned above. The invention of the metallurgical techniques led to a great development in the production of metal handicrafts. Copper was the first metal to be discovered and numerous artifacts were made in copper and bronze. Similarly gold and silver and finally iron proved to be decisive in the metallurgical advancements.Handicrafts could be made in several other mediums too. Stone crafts, glass crafts, wood crafts, paper crafts, and textiles are just a few examples. There are innumerable handicrafts that are made by mixing more than one medium too. In the beginning, handicrafts were made for the utility purposes. But once the utility purpose was successfully served, the handicrafts were made for decorative purposes. Several handicrafts now decorate the favorite places of the people like homes, offices, gardens, halls and others.Textile and jewelry are the crafts that are an integral part of the lives of everyone. These crafts are now in highly advanced age and their trade is over multi-billion dollars.Handicrafts are nowadays an important commodity for trade and commerce. The trade volume is consistently growing. In a country, like India, where there is a big portion of population involved in making handicrafts, this factor will bring a good change. Countries like Thailand, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are powerhouses of handicrafts. The economies of these countries are getting a fillip after the commercialization of handicrafts on large scale

Friday, March 07, 2008

For Woman

I admitt im an avid shopper , and that i probably spend too much money . I also know that I can justify any purchase - even the most ridiculous but there is one thing that im stocking up on right now which is honestly a great buy.The humble necklace has never before been such a fashion staple , and gone are the days of only diamonds and sterling silver with a range of funky jewels know availiable in everything from 24 kt gold and turqouise to inexpensive beads and wool. Originally i was looking for something different to wear with my plain black long sleeve and baby tees . Ideally something with a little colour , and texture that could elevate my plain basics to after dinner drink wear and that could also be worn with my little black dress. I came across the pictured cloisonnAc enamel decorated pendant above at Urban Outfitters . Hanging from a gold toned chain is a large circular enamel pendant painted with pretty butterfly and flowers in bright color with gold highlights . Baubles and beads hang either side and the whole necklace and pendant has an almost asian feel which leaves the rather large jewel feeling dainty and intricate as well as bold . A great buy at $48.00 (USD) that can be worn layerd with coloured beads for a more casual look.

information about Cups

My first cup (pictured) was literaly overflowing, with a coaster to catch the extra Sake. Happiness!Seated at the Yakitori (grilled meat on skewers) bar, I found that I couldn't resist ordering just a few items off the menu. Which eventually turned into me trying MANY items off the menu. My favorites--Chicken Skin on a skewer (I know, sounds gross, but oh gosh, so good) and cheese wrapped in bacon on a skewer (this was so delicious, I was moved to try to write Haiku about it. Of course at this point I was also well into my second cup of Sake, and had entered a state of extreme happiness). I'll post the poetry later, maybe.With 400 yen left to my name, a complete understanding of the Kyoto rail system, and a courage built from two cups of Sake, I made it back to Downtown with no further mishaps. The Sake cheer lasted about as long as it took me to fling myself into bed (at 8:30 pm) and it was lights out, almost immediately.I slept so well, I only woke up one time, giving me another opportunity to take advantage of the strangely comforting heated toilet seats the hotel provides.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Beautyfull Nackless

Sometimes i wake up in the morning and i just feel dull , lifeless and bored. Nothing in my wardrobe excites me , and everything seems so one dimensional and plain. When i get like this i always reach for my jewelery box because i am one of those people that loves bold , bright and beautifull jewels.Weather it be a necklace , bracelet , anklet or ring - jewelery which features exotic beads , handcrafted accents or simply exudes as special 'something ' not only allows you to display a sense of indivudual style but also perks up even the most sad and tired outfit. Some of the best bold beautiful jewelery i have found are made by the stylish duo Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen of Viv and Ingrid.The pictured silver I Luv Turquoise Charm Necklace is a 16" silver charm necklace with a stunning large turquoise heart as well as mother of pearl, wood, and turquoise beads - goldstone & silver paillettes . As well as being gorgeous the necklace is also very versatile as its able to be transformed into a 7" bracelet & 9" chain anklet.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Gold Ring For Girls

ringsRather like a magpie I have a love for shiny sparkly things , but when searching for jewelry I always want something a little different and outside the norm. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the beautiful and imaginative work of Alex Sepkus. Looking through the catalogue I saw elements of Klimt as well as little ethnic and tribal influences.
The Alex Sepkus range of jewelry contains Necklaces , Bracelets , Earrings , Rings , Pendants , pins and a range of mens and bridal wear. My delight are the rings , which with there quirky charm would make fantastic statement pieces or stunning everyday wear.

How To Change You Heair Color

procolourI know what your thinking ‘ What is that ?’ .Well its an ingenious device made by Conair called the Pro Colour Accents which allows you to easily and temporarily change your hair colour.
The battery operated tool transfers washable temporary colour onto the hair strands from reusable and removable colour cartridges . The cartridges available in 11 different colours are non toxic and non staining and each cartridge features Individual push-in lids to re-seal and prevent color cartridges from drying out between uses.
Design by: Prakash