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Monday, February 25, 2008

So lilly

treebigI live in dresses . I'm of the opinion there is no other garment that can beat a dress for comfort and style . It kind of annoys me that in this country many see them as only suitable for formal attire , when they are really wardrobe perfection !But , I am seeing is a whole new lot of dress converts as late . Designers are using dresses more and more in their collections and in a true sign of a fashion shift , nearly every women's store has at least 5 dress styles now – we have come a long way baby . I thank the rise of well cut garments paired with * wince * celeb fashion for the beginning of a sea change . After all how many girls did you see in chucks and a line sun dresses before Lilly Allen hit the charts ? In fact her name popped to mind when viewing the summer offerings from kiwi label Ooby Ryn , pictured is one of their new seasons dress styles with its great print , classic lines and worn with a fantastic Ooby Ryn belt .

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