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Friday, March 07, 2008

information about Cups

My first cup (pictured) was literaly overflowing, with a coaster to catch the extra Sake. Happiness!Seated at the Yakitori (grilled meat on skewers) bar, I found that I couldn't resist ordering just a few items off the menu. Which eventually turned into me trying MANY items off the menu. My favorites--Chicken Skin on a skewer (I know, sounds gross, but oh gosh, so good) and cheese wrapped in bacon on a skewer (this was so delicious, I was moved to try to write Haiku about it. Of course at this point I was also well into my second cup of Sake, and had entered a state of extreme happiness). I'll post the poetry later, maybe.With 400 yen left to my name, a complete understanding of the Kyoto rail system, and a courage built from two cups of Sake, I made it back to Downtown with no further mishaps. The Sake cheer lasted about as long as it took me to fling myself into bed (at 8:30 pm) and it was lights out, almost immediately.I slept so well, I only woke up one time, giving me another opportunity to take advantage of the strangely comforting heated toilet seats the hotel provides.

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