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Monday, March 24, 2008

woodne craft

My students thought the outside toilet was a great idea for men so we had to make some more boxes and this time we made it to our design. With the other box when you picked it up the tissue box fell out so Bob made a different style. This one has a bottom in it and the front of the box is hinged so that you can open the Toilet Door to put new tissues in. There is a clasp on the side to hold the door shut. You cant see it in the picture but I have two spiders, a butterfly and a green looper caterpillar (above the toilet door for the caterpillar) painted on the box. I also painted a tap and a house (when we moved into our house in Blacktown 46 years ago we didnt have the sewer on and we had one of these outhouses and ours had the tap and the hose on the side and we had a garbage bin around the back so I have also painted the garbage bin. We didnt have a rose but we did have a passionfruit vine growing on the outside. Oh also we had a mouse that used to come in so I have painted a little hole at the back and there is a mouse sticking his head out of the holle.

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