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Thursday, April 17, 2008

dark fashion craft

"And I finally see the light". Remember that song by Gloria Estefan circa 1992. I use to love it. I actually still do. lol.

I am new to blogging world. I've been lurking around checking out other blogs and loving many of the things I seen. So many talented people. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now or let say over thinking. I over think things a lot which has its good and bad points. The good. When I finally do get around to whatever it is I've been think about it runs smoothly because I've thought through all the angles. The bad. It makes me a procrastinator and when I procrastinate about something usually that means it is not going to happen.

A little about myself. I am 31. I live in NYC. I love to sew and bake and I am teaching myself how to knit. I have somewhat of a short attention span but this sewing thing is something I 've stuck with for the last two year through the good (the wearable garments I've made) :) and the bad (a lot of the wadders I've thrown away). :(

But now for the good part. The part I look forward to when I surf the all the blogs in my favorite. Finished Garments!!!!!!

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