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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nirona, Kutch Gujrat

This is the story of Khet Singh (pictured). He is the youngest of four brothers and has studied through the 10th grade (completed high school). He and his family own farm land outside of Nirona, a larger village (population ~15,000) north of Bhuj, which provides for their livelihood. Currently there are 26 family members living in their house and the best I could break it down is as such:

1 - Khet Singh, his wife and 2 sons
2 - Devjibhai (older brother), his wife and children (6 girls)
3 - Khet Singh's Parents

4- son of Khet Singh's brother's wife
5 - Khet Singh's eldest brother's children
6 - Goats
7 - Calf

8- Other kids

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